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I think Lester deserves it and Clay had 17 wins along with a low ERA. He should cancel out Felix. I don't think a man with that record on a nothing team should get it. We agree to disagree and Felix will prob get it. CC and Price had the best years based on pressure, wins and help from their team. BTW ARoid did not deserve to win his MVP with Texas by a long shot.

A word on CC. I don't have the raw numbers, but CC stopped many losing streaks and he is the sole reason the Yankees are in the playoffs. Pettitte did not pitch in the second half, AJ and Javier just died. Phil Hughes tailed off greatly from first half. CC was the only guy going out ther every 5 days and winning. The pitching staff had 3 starting pitcher all stars. Only he finished strong. He was the only 20 game winner in the American league and that should count for something. Litterally, almost every start for the last 2 months meant so much more when compared to Felix. That is pressure and he needs the award for all that.
The problem I have with CC is that he pitches for a team that gives him lots of run support and you can also say that about Price, Bucholz and Lester probably as well

I'm sure if Bucholz didn't get injured and didn't miss about a month in the year I'm sure he would probably get it considering his ERA and WHIP are right close to Felix.

Now the Cy Young award is different from the MVP where it's best pitcher and not Most Valuable Pitcher. If it was for that then CC would get it but that's not what the definition of the award is and since this day and age where we can find every stat and watch almost every game.

Now this year is somewhat similar to in 1987 Nolan Ryan lead the NL in ERA and in Ks (270 in 211 2/3 innings) and he was rewarded with 0 first place votes because he was 8-16 for a shitty Houston Astros team that never scored for him at all and the award went to a closing pitcher that year

Wins as a pitcher is something you can't control and it doesn't matter to me what jersey you wear if it was a Yankee, Red Sox, Blue Jays or whatever its who I believe deserves the award

While we do disagree on this we do agree on one thing there's no fucking way a player on a last place team should win the MVP award like A-Roid did with Texas. If we go by that then Jose Bautista deserves it this year based on that(BTW I don't really believe he does I think Josh Hamiltion deserves it hands down this year)
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