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Honestly, how can you people root for a team that already has EVERYTHING (i.e. the Yankee$)??? It's like rooting for Donald Trump over your own father (or any other ordinary average guy you've respected/admired/looked up to your whole life).
Been rooting for them my whole life. I guess you think I should switch because they have more money that any three teams combined? I also root for the Giants (football), Nets and Devils. No one knows more about losing your great players to bigger market teams like the Devils who lose at least one home grown talent every year and still find ways to be one of the best teams year in year out. Money does not add up to trophies, but it helps.

Perhaps, you missed the report that came out this summer of what many teams pocketed? Teams with the lowest level payrolls were pulling in some nice chunks of money, when they were supposed to be spending it on keeping their players. Mr Selig was quite embarrassed.

That "everything" you mentioned also includes the fact that pretty much every every team puts out their best when they play the Yanks. Everyone is auditioning to play for us or a team that pays to beat us. No other team is treated like that. Makes it just that much harder to win when everyone puts up 100% effort to beat you game in game out. Teams are not putting in the same effort when they play KC.

I think small market teams like KC, Pitts and Tampa should close up or move. If you can't afford to put up some sort of an effort to field a decent team with a decent payroll, then go away or stop bitching.

Keep this in mind too. It costs at least 20-25% more to live and work in NYC. The taxes are unbelievably high. Buying a house in the suburbs in NY or NJ will run you like twice what you would pay for in Texas or Minn or FL. Some states like FL or TX do not have state income tax. But, I guess logically thinking about why people need to get paid more in NY does not mean anything to you. This might come to some sort of shock to you, but people of all career paths get paid more in NYC than in most other parts of the country. There is a reason for it.

Such a ignorant thing to say. Can't you come up with something original? You really should have very little to say about it. Your owner is a cheap fucker. He makes a lot of money off you fans in Minnysoooota. Minn is not a small market at all. There are a lot of people in that region. I been there. I have been to the mall of somalia. I know all the big businesses you have in the area (Best Buy, Target, all the health care companies). I actually like the area. The suburbs are quite expensive. Instead of ripping the Yanks for buying one of your players (I think the last one was Knobby), rip into your owner for not paying what he can to build the team stronger. There is no reason why he could not pay Santana. I am surprised he ponied up for Mauer. I think the city would not have forgiven him if he let Mauer leave.

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