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Sabathia was garbage his first time around, he'll be garbage again.
Yeah, that makes sense. The Yankees should really just release him, he's never going to pitch a good game again. And the Phillies shouldn't even consider bringing Halladay back in the SF series.

Obviously Sabathia hasn't been dominant in recent starts, but he's a proven winner. Those type of knee-jerk summations of someone are worthy of Around the Horn.

Rangers have won every inning except ONE this series. And it hasn't been close.
First of all, how the hell have the Rangers "won every inning except ONE"? The seven scoreless innings of game 3? The fourth and sixth of game 2, when the Yankees outscored the Rangers? The Rangers "won" ALL of those?

Even if we concede your point, that's a pretty ridiculous stat that a lot of people are bringing up. Is that inning somehow irrelevant? Was that luck? It's not even like something like the David Tyree catch; this was a series of events. That's like saying "except for the games they lost, the Colts have won every game this year." You can't cast away something that happened. Baseball isn't about winning every inning, it's about scoring more runs.
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