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Sabathia and Halladay sucked, because they had so much time off. These are men who are used to getting the ball every 5 days. Sit them for 9 - 10 days and that is what you get. Look for both of them to rebound next time out.
I didn't see the game Sabbathia pitched but I seen Halladay he wasn't awful he just got beat mostly by one batter Cody Ross which is pretty much every Phillies pitcher this series.

And also I'd like to add fuck you A.J Burnett only because I watched him pitch one good season out of 3 with the Blue Jays knowing he was going to opt out of his contract and go to the highest bidder. I'm really enjoying the shitty year he's having.

In all seriousness he wasnt too bad he was just left in 1 batter too many.
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