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Yeah, it will probably be 3-1, but I love how you jump to such conclusions before the game is even over after the Yankees embarrassed the Rangers in game 1 coming back from being down five runs. The Yankees are not playing well in this series and probably won't win the series, but all of this "Sabathia is garbage" and "they've only won one inning" shit is nonsense. It's ignorant and the stuff of kindergarten playtime arguments. Sabathia ruled the playoffs last year and had an excellent year this year. He's a great pitcher.

BTW, Burnett pitched a very solid game. He was probably left in an inning too long considering the amount of days rest he had, but he clearly out-pitched Hunter and was throwing some nasty curves.

BTW, It was a Yankees manager that said his team has only won 1 inning, not me.

Hunter is our 4th pitcher in the rotation and is, in general, pretty much garbage. We still won.
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