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The only thing that confuses me is that people keep stressing "ANOTHER origin story?!" when we've only had one origin story on film, back in 1978. How is having a more up-to-date, possibly-closer-to-resembling-the-comics film in 2013 (that's 35 years later) the straw that breaks the camel's back?

Now, I scored pretty well on Soda's test, but honestly the reason I know most of those answers is because I grew up with a cousin who is a comic book freak. I didn't actually read any issues, besides perusing some Superman covers (the only reason I know Kandor exists), that gave intimate knowledge of Superman. Everything I know that I've actually experienced on an artistic, storytelling level concerning Superman's origin, was the Donner films.

So yeah, give me an origin story if it's closer to what Siegel and Shuster had in mind.
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