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This is what I hope the Yankees do this off season:
1. Not fucking much!
2. I don't want them to go out and buy Lee. I want him to stay in Texas and I want them to learn how to beat him.
3. I want Swishy gone. Two straight years of not showing up in the playoffs does not fly with me.
4. I would like to see Pettitte come back no matter the cost.
5. Jeter is going no where and don't you worry about the costs and where he will play. He has his own deal and that is just the way it is.
6. Need to find a catcher that can play defense at least and he splits the games with Posada who needs to DH way more than in past years.
7. Make Joba a starter and give him the 5th spot. No more innings crap. One more do or die season in the pinstripes. Joe has no faith in him as a reliever. No he must win the position or bullpen crap. It is starter or minors. He should do winter ball at some point to get ready for the season. I believe he could develop into a decent #4 or #3 if he has any heart.
8. Say good bye to Mitre and Gaudin once and for all. I know Joe loves them, but they have to go.
9. Keep Wood at all costs. Make him the 8th inning guy and back up to MO. Maybe even the closer when Mo retires.
10. If they have to get Crawford. Please don't sign him for more than 4 years. I would rather a righty though. They got killed against leftys this year.
11. A decent guy to play backup for the left side of the infield would be nice to especially if he can hit some.
12. Say good bye to Javier, again.

What they will probably do:
1. Buy Lee
2. Buy Crawford for too much and too many years.
3. Trade Swishy and Joba
4. Buy some at least 1 reliever and 1 other starting pitcher for too much money and years.
5. Make some trade or trades that will piss off the all the Yankee haters.

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