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This is what I hope the Yankees do this off season
What they will probably do:
1. Buy Lee
2. Buy Crawford for too much and too many years.
3. Trade Swishy and Joba
4. Buy some at least 1 reliever and 1 other starting pitcher for too much money and years.
5. Make some trade or trades that will piss off the all the Yankee haters.
1. Yes the probably will they did that to Sabbathia and Burnett
2. I think someone else is going to get Crawford
3. Don't see it they turned down the Jays asking price of Joba for Scott Downs so I don't see them trading Joba

And not sure about 4 and 5 but probably will do a few other signings overpaying players.

They are stuck with A.J Burnett and never understood bringing Vasquez back either.

Petitte is still solid but I'm not sure how many years he has left in him.
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