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I, too, hope Lee signs elsewhere... if only to prove he's not a sellout. There are plenty of other contending teams out there with nearly all the pieces in place who can give him a reasonable deal.
I don't get this logic for a couple reasons.

First, I hate attitude that going to the Yanks would be selling out, but signing a huge deal with Texas or in Boston or something wouldn't be selling out. Where the hell is Lee supposed to be loyal to? He goes through teams like Liz Taylor went through husbands.

Secondly, let's not forget that Lee ain't exactly a spring chicken. Whatever contract he signs next will be his last big one: wouldn't it make total sense -- and not make him a sell-out -- to go wherever he's being offered the most money, especially if that team is a legit contender like the Yanks? Look, even as a Yankees fan, I hate that there's no salary cap. It is bad for the game, but it's not any Yankees player or fan's fault. Love them or hate them, the Yankees are willing to spend. At least 80% of teams have the money but just have cheap owners who are happy with their profits and don't care that much about winning.

Would any of us take less money just because we hate the Yankees so much? Probably some fans would -- but that goes back to the reality that fans care about all this more than players do. Lee should and will go where the money is.
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