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Whatever the case, Lee is going to want a long term contract under which he can't get fucked over and he'll also want lots of money. If Texas wins the WS, I think it would be likely he would go there. If they don't, I think it is up in the air. He's good friends with Sabathia, so that might sway him. He was also pretty excited when he almost got traded to the Yankees in the middle of the season. I'd be happy to have him, but there are other areas the Yankees need to focus on as well. They need to start integrating more young guys. They have a great farm system and just look at what they have produced over the past handful of years: Cano, Gardner, Chamberlain, Hughes, Cervelli. The majority of those guys have made huge contributions and are pure home grown talent, something a lot of people overlook. Who came up with the big plays this postseason for them? Jeter, Cano, Gardner and Rivera. It's time to bring up some other guys and give them more playing time. When they do, it more often than not produces great results.
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