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So you'd replace this with another location?

'tis a real place in New Zealand.
Let me set this straight first. I'd NOT relocate if possible. I'd love to see NZ get these movies.

Now, Prof. Tolkien loved England and the UK. That being said, do you not think there are locales that would suit these sets in the UK? Ireland? Eastern Europe? The USA? Sure there are and they would be equally adept as these fictional locales.

Let's just hope that the folks in NZ, especially the union folk, realize what they've endangered here rearing their ugly heads at the most inopportune moment. They've put this production at jeopardy, 1000's of jobs on the line, the countries reputation as a whole and their fledgling movie industry. Gee, thanks for strangling the Golden Goose.

Anyone for a fricassee?

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