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Lesnar will still be a very dangerous guy in the division, he could beat guys like Brendan Schaub, Roy Nelson, Gabriel Gonzaga and Cheick Kongo, but I dont see him becoming champion again...
Agreed. His size will always make him a formidable opponent, even if he lacks striking skills and has poor stamina. He'll be a test opponent for future champions.

I also think he won't be champion again, for these reasons: a.) his lack of stamina is appalling. I don't know what his workout routine is, but I don't think he gets much cardiovascular exercise at all, if any. He should ignore the fucking weight room and get to work on his pitiful lack of energy if he expects to be a force in the division. At least 45-60 minutes of running each day during training camp. b.) boxing skills won't just come to him. He's 33 already. He's been fighting the same one-dimensional way his whole career. He's a wrestler, not a puncher. That is embedded into his style. c.) he got into the game too late. He benefited from beating a once-great, faded ex-champion and avenged a bad loss. He had a fast rise in the sport and, once he was exposed, had a dramatic fall.
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