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Old 10-26-2010, 11:48 PM
Well with about 5 episodes left, it looks like next weeks episode is going to start the fireworks early.

Good episode tonight. Some twist and turns, especially the ending. Jacks is getting played.

The preview for next week was awfully foreboding.

And Alex, I have a feeling that if they do kill somebody, it's going to be Opie or Tara. Clay and Jacks aren't going anywhere obviously. They played it up like it could be Gemma but she's such a huge part of the show. I'd be shocked if it was her.

I feel like it could be ALMOST anybody at this point. Which is the sign of a good show in my eyes.

Although Gemma telling Bobby to look out for Clay if something happens to her could be a sign of his fate. Either way, I'm anxious for the rest of this season.
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