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Just watched Insheeption, and all I've got to say is FUCK YOU Trey Parker & Matt Stone. Inception isn't #4 on IMDB for no god damned reason! Just cause Parker & Stone couldn't understand the complexity & themes of this film doesn't give them the right to talk shit about it. Inception is perhaps one of the (if not THE) greatest masterpieces of cinema ever made, and juvenile fucktards like Parker & Stone are far below the intelligence level needed to fully comprehand a film like Inception. Instead of trying to analyze the film and understand it, they do what ever neanderthal does, make fun of what they don't understand.
South Park hasn't been relevant in years. So again, FUCK YOU Trey Parker & Matt Stone. Just go away already. I for one will no longer be watching South Park.
There's no way anyone can say that with a straight face. I'm sure you're snickering behind your keyboard. Congratulations. X-Frog, I dub thee troll.

As for Mysterion, it's obviously who Cartman mentioned earlier. Dur.
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