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Predictions for the Weekend of November 5-7

1. Megamind- $50 million
2. Due Date- $40 million
3. For Colored Girls- $30 million
4. Red- $7.75 million
5. Saw 3D- $7.5 million
6. Paranormal Activity 2- $7 million
7. Jackass 3D- $4 million
8. Hereafter- $3.5 million
9. Secretariat- $3.25 million
10. The Social Network- $3 million

This weekend is going to be HUGE. Very reminiscent of the same weekend three years ago when American Gangster and Bee Movie opened on the same weekend, except this time we have a Tyler Perry movie thrown in the mix. Megamind should take the weekend (although Due Date has a chance) because its marketing has been stellar and there hasn't been a big family movie since Despicable Me. Guardians didn't have the appeal and Secretariat was too old fashioned. Due Date brings us Todd Phillips' first film since The Hangover and we all know how that did. Downey Jr. and Galifianakis are big names and together will attract a huge audience. For Colored Girls has the benefit of Tyler Perry's name, a popular play and a popular cast. It should bring in a huge African American audience and pull in at the #3 spot. All three of those films should do extremely well because none of the audiences should really cross over very much. The two horror flicks should drop like rocks.
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