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I'm gonna go ahead and say it. After only 7 games, Ndamukong Suh is the best defensive linemen in Lions history. He is an absolute beast.

Where's horrorfreak? 2 years in a row my Lions beat your Skins. Do you want to talk about it?
You figure have a FOX station from Detroit they would have showed that game since they show every other Lions game but NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not that I would have been able to watch anything after the 1st QTR because of work.

I really thought after seeing the score 25-20 that we were going to win as it went back and forth in the 2nd half sucks with the loss but kudos to you guys the Lions defensive line not just Suh was incredible in that game and were a huge part in that victory.

It may not be this year that they make the playoffs but a year or 2 looks possible with this roster I think they are better than the Bears for sure

Out of their 5 losses they were in every game but the Minnesota game and should have won the opening week game against Chicago.

Also I don't understand benching McNabb for Rex Grossman at the end. I'm still puzzled at that sure he hasn't had his best year but really come on.

Other thoughts

The Raiders holy fuck 4-4 and seem to look respectable Kansas City is playing them next week at the wrong time.

Buffalo twice in a row losing in OT they will win eventually and at leat when they losing the team still plays hard.

As for the supposed most talented team in the league which they aren't and their defense is absolutely terrible and made David Garrard look like a pro bowler and their offense is complete crap. At 1-6 Dallas is done and hopefully no more ESPN segments of are they done? They were done 3 weeks ago this team that was supposed to be one of the top 5 teams in the league is easily one of the 5 worst in the league in fact at this point. 2-14 or 1-15 is realistically possible I see nothing in this team.

Indy-Houston I think Indy already losing to Houston and 0-2 in the division need this one more than Houston I just wonder with many of Peyton's weapons beat up if Indy will be able to have enough to beat them.
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