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Also I don't understand benching McNabb for Rex Grossman at the end. I'm still puzzled at that sure he hasn't had his best year but really come on.

Indy-Houston I think Indy already losing to Houston and 0-2 in the division need this one more than Houston I just wonder with many of Peyton's weapons beat up if Indy will be able to have enough to beat them.
I dont get the benching of McNabb either. McNabb has led more 4th quarter comebacks than Grossman has. Im scratching my head at this idiotic coaching decision. I thought Shananhan was better than this *tisk tisk*

Also, I can see why you would pick Indy tonight but Indy is all kinds of beat up on offense. They do get Donald Brown back tonight but does anyone know the status of Collie and Garcon? Whatever happened to Reggie Wayne? I think Houston wins tonight(yes I'm being biased) but look at it from this point. When you're offense is putting up 30 pts a game, can ANY team in the NFL keep up?
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