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This is where I think Randy Moss will end up next. I doubt Moss wants to play for a team with a rookie QB and a head coach that hasn't experienced much success in the NFL. A team like the Redskins will provide him with the opportunity to play with a great, veteran QB in Donovan McNabb and a head coach that he will NOT get along with but that he will respect in Mike Shanahan. Also, Dan Snyder has a shitload of money, and he's a very aggressive owner who knows what he wants. That's my prediction.

If this happens, perhaps McNabb will forget about Shanahan benching for REX FUCKING GROSSMAN due to his "inferior two-minute drill skills", "cardiovascular weakness", or whatever the fuck Shanahan pulled him for.

I can see it I'm torn with wanting to touch him with a 10 foot pole considering the past few weeks and most of his career even though we can use him.

I think the other team that can claim him and it wouldn't surprise me is the Rams considering the injuries to their WRs
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