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How is it? i nearly bought this today but i've got a couple of unfinished games to deal with first.

I really like it. It's kind of fun to see the familiar stages redone in a partially familiar form then see them change it up completely on you (Such as the dam diving scene) It borrows a lot from Call of Duty (Especially the online mode) but the Bond personality gives it a little more diversity and level of interest than your usual COD shooter. The single-player is a good length even though there are less stages than the N64 game. To compensate, the stages are longer and some have more scripted sequences thrown at you out of nowhere. They do help add to the sense that your playing and being in a Bond game, not a regular shooter. The online is torn straight from COD, Experience system and perks et al intact. At least here, options and modes like Man with the Golden Gun mode and Black Box mode are available immediately and are really fun to play online. Sadly, the Classic Conflict Mode (Where you get to select a classic Bond Character to play as) isn't available until Level 35.

I really like it. The only flaws it has is that the framerate can dip a few times when things get too chaotic on screen. Otherwise, it's pretty steady. One of the gameplay choices that I really enjoy is that you can opt easily to play very stealthy or go all out in a gunfight. You have to be more precise in how stealthy you proceed because the AI in Goldeneye is noticeably smarter than other games, including running for actual good cover the moment you start locking crosshairs to fire at them.

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