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Yep, very good episode. Giada had me rolling as did Cartman as Gordon Ramsey and the ending. The Shakeweight deal masterbation joke got old six months ago, but their take on it was predictible yet funny (Although three times is a bit too much). I wish they would've ripped on Guy Fieri more. I can't stand that douche and he's perfect for South Park mockery.
I loved Randy in this episode (he's my favorite character) but that whole shakeweight parody has been played out and isnt original at all.

I would think after "accidently" using jokes from a collegehumor, then would look it over more carefully.

Also, I swear I've seen a Shakeweight parody online where they add a "cooling down" factor and it squirts water all over this dude's face.

And I just found it.
Come on Trey, you're still the shit but do some research before you throw that shit together.

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