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Holy shit. This is my most losing card as far as predictions in over a year. I sucked. Karo losing to Hallman that way sucked, as I was really hoping to see a resurgence from him. As for Griffin, I haven't seen the fight but from what I've read it was a close split D that the crowd boo'd. The Brown and Munoz fights went kinda how I thought, except that I expected Munoz/Simpson to be a lot better and Munoz to look a lot better.

The Sotiropoulos / Lauzon fight was great. Lauzon fared much better than I figured in the first round. I knew his stand-up was gonna be better, but I didn't know it was gonna be that much better, and I though George would be able to take Lauzon down. Joe impressed me in the first, but it's similar to the Florian fight in that after the first round he seemed out of it. Davis / Boetsch was a showcase. The fight that surprised me the second most (aside from Penn/Hughes) was Harris / Falcao. Falcao came in looking like a completely different fighter than he has been in the past. I exected him to be a bit more cautious because he was dealing with a wrestler for basically the first time, but that third round was baffling. I guess he knew he won the first two and decided to coast, but that is surprising from what is usually such a throw-caution-to-the-wind aggressive guy. I attribute this to Octagon jitters, and hope next time we see him he doesn't do the same shit.

Penn / Hughes. Sigh. I was fully prepared for Hughes to lose, but not like that. This is a little too depressing for me to talk about right now.

The main event, I had Rampage winning the first by such a slim margin that I thought it could go either way, and definitely the second, while Machida had the third. I was hoping like hell that the judges disagreed with me on the first round, and would award Lyoto the decision, but bleh. It was a good fight, but the outcome disappoints the shit out of me. I would much rather see Lyoto back in the title hunt than Rampage.

It was a good night of fights, but disappointing to me from a fan standpoint. My biggest consolation is in three weeks, when Koscheck whoops GSP. That's gonna make my year.
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