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Nice review but I'd just like to note that the middle of the film, which you had a problem with, was mundane on purpose. That was the whole point. The trio were basically wandering around aimlessly, waiting for answers to come to them, while evading their enemies. It's the underlying reason that Ron had the meltdown and left, which sets up his heroic return in the nick of time. I can see how some would feel like it was dragging but I loved that they kept that aspect of the plot from the book.
Also, you mentioned that there wasn't much going on in this film but I'd argue that it's very heavy on exposition, which is essential for the finale coming out next year. Having read the book, I can say that the movie was very true to the source material and in no way could they have left out anything to squeeze both parts into one film.
One could accuse the studio of wanting the make more money by splitting it into two films but I personally think they respect the franchise so much that it was important to adapt the 7th book the correct way. I will note this is the same studio that gave up on 3D and potentially a lot more money when it was determined they couldn't do it correctly, because they did not want to present the films half-assed just to make a buck on the gimmick.

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