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You're not the first person I've heard talk about how Rivers is on pace to break Marino's record. I just think it's fair to point out that Peyton and Orton are right there too. Anyone know Marino's record? I could look it up, but eeh, why would I do that if someone on here already knows

And yes, the NFC West is so fucking terrible that it infuriates me that one of those teams will get into the playoffs and the Packers might not. Does the NFL need to reevaluate its playoff structure? I remember that conversation coming up when New England was 11-5 two years ago with Matt Cassel, and they didn't get into the playoffs where the Chargers who were 8-8 did. I don't know how the NFL would even go about restructuring its playoff system even if they wanted to. But really though, the system works most of the time so I don't fucking know.
I think its just over 5000 yards. Like 5,085 or something.

To be fair, only two teams in history have won their division with an 8-8 record.
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