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Dear Carolina Panthers,

Please stop doing what you're doing. This season has become more and more of a farce as it has progressed. This is possibly the worst offensive squad in NFL history. That is not hyperbole, either. I can't recall an NFL offense as clutzy, incompetent, and ineffective as this one. If you can't catch a simple screen pass, then you shouldn't receive the salary of an NFL wide receiver. Pull it together or we'll all become Falcons fans.

Brando @$$ Fat

P.S. If this gets to Charlotte, please tell Michael Jordan that nobody in the North Carolina-South Carolina area gives a shit about the Bobcats next time you see him.
Yo Brando, got any word on whats gonna happen to John Fox at the end of the season? Think he'll get canned? If I was the Panthers organization I would write Bill Cowher a blank check and give him full control. I actually think he would listen & be interested cause I know he is from North Carolina. It could be a really good match and Panther fans would love the guy. He also wouldnt have the pressure there like he would have if he were to take the Dallas job or the Giants job.

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