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45-3 WOW!! Um yeah how about that for an ass kicking.

Oh and I love it how Randy Moss has the reverse midas touch since he left New England they look way better than ever, Minnesota has looked way better since they cut him and Tennessee is a complete mess since picking up Randy Moss.

Also I understand with Indy-Dallas being the most popular among FOX networks with Peyton Manning playing but just look at this

I undertand it but 85% of the damn USA and barely anything for Atlanta-Tampa Bay which is a matchup of 2 very good teams battling for a division and playoff spots.

And you wonder why Atlanta isn't getting any respect this year because networks like FOX and ESPN give coverage to the same 8 teams every week.

I'm glad I was in the area to watch the Atlanta game lol. I didnt bother with the Colts/Boys game. Too boring of a match-up IMO.
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