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You do realize he was joking right?
The only person joking in this thread is Monotreme. I'm really against actors with big foreheads. Everybody else can treat it as a joke, but it's not a god damn joke.

BigRed, you got a problem with me hating actors who have huge heads? You think it's stupid? Why are you getting all sensitive? What's the matter? You got a big forehead too? Yeah, I bet you do. You're taking this a little personally, volley ball head.

In light of this development, I'd like to extend my rant against people with big heads who go to the movies. We all know them. We all curse God's name whenever they decide to sit in front of us. And yet nobody ever calls em out on their shit. I think it's time we make a law in which people with gargantuan heads need to sit in the back of the movie theater. They get their own special little designated area away from the normal sized heads. The best part is that they won't block each other's heads because they're all roughly about the same size. And there can be order to the system where the biggest sit the farthest and the smaller big headed people can sit a little closer. Think about it.

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