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Anybody watched Primtime the last two weeks? I thought it did great for Lesnar's character. I hated him when he first came into the sport, because of the WWE stigma that he probably won't escape any time soon, and was overjoyed to see Mir sub him. When he fought Heath Herring I was really hoping Herring would pull out the win, despite the fact that he's pretty much a journeyman whose biggest asset is his toughness, and isn't very good at any one thing. Lesnar won, which didn't surprise me, and then was a douche in the postfight, which also didn't surprise me. Then he beat Randy Couture, which is when I started to gain some small measure of respect for him. Then came Mir, which didn't really surprise anyone, and his assbaggery after that fight was epic. His diverticulitis story had me angry, 'cuz I knew if he was permanently disabled all the douchebag know-nothing fans would be talking about how much he WOULD have done, if not blah blah. Against Carwin, he got his ass whipped in round one, and I gained that much more respect when he came back.

That is almost the extent of Lesnar's career, that I just talked about. How anyone can call someone so unproven "the best in the world" is completely fuckin beyond me. With Fedor, you have over 30 fights against top-flight competition where he didn't just win, most of the time he dominated. That can't even be said of Brock. Whereas Velasquez, that guy has not only gone undefeated, but has run through everyone in front of him, even Big Nog. I know, he didn't really run through Kongo in the normal sense of the term, but he did absolutely own every second of that fight besides the three or four where he was rocked, and that's the only time he's ever had to safe-bet it to a victory. How is Lesnar going to win this, honestly? What tools does he have that will lead anyone to believe he's going to? His ground and pound is hardly historic, beating Frank Mir that way proves nothing. Nor does beating an old-ass Couture whose chin was shot after losing to Chuck twice. I know, I hate it too, 'cuz I love Randy just as much as the next guy, but facts is facts. Lesnar "dominating" three guys means nothing, especially when you consider how well Randy did in the clinch and how Mir looked pretty fuckin good on the feet at the beginning of the second until he tried an ill-advised flying knee and put himself on his own ass. And by no stretch of the word did Brock dominate Carwin. It's Carwin's weaknesses that lost him that fight, that is painfully obvious.

Anyway, I came on here to say that I dig Lesnar's attitude in these Primetime episodes, and am actually starting to like the guy. But that's not gonna do him any good next weekend. How anyone can call this to Lesnar is a mystery to me.
Lesnar was never the baddest man on the planet by any regards, even by the means of fans. He was Dana White's cash cow/poster boy that stirred up controversy and put people's asses in seats for PPV'S. Just as Ortiz did.
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