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King, your hate against Fedor is misguided, it really isn't based on anything substantial if not only minor details. The truth of the matter is during the reign of PRIDE FC, the UFC heavyweight division was in complete shambles and most top level competition fought in Japan or elsewhere. That's when Fedor was in his prime and at the top of his division, beating the shit out of everyone he faced. It's only been a handful of years since the UFC became the number 1 MMA organization and you're already saying "he never fought top level comp cuz the UFC is the best and he doesn't fight in the UFC"... not only is this untrue as he fought, KO'd, and tapped out two former UFC heavyweight champions (Silvia and Arlovski), but this is a grain of sand on a motherfucking beach, a minute and inaccurate detail, this sentiment does not accurately represent his career in MMA and also his impact on the sport. You're a simply another one of those fan-boys with no common knowledge, a mere pretender of knowledge. And I don't mean, like, you don't know what a gogoplata is or how effective a teep kick is, I mean as in you obviously don't quite get the timing of things, you know, when and how the sport evolved and how the playing field has changed so much in so little time and how it effects the players. Because if you truly did understand the big picture, you would appreciate Fedor a lot more than you do.

Fedor may or may not be the "best" heavyweight in the world these days but he would certainly beat Lesnar to the punch if both Cain and Shane can so easily. I would say Alistair, Werdum, Fedor, and perhaps Rogers are all top heavyweights the UFC has yet to [re]acquire. So who's to say who's the "best" heavyweight nowadays when the quote/unquote "top fighters" in the division fight for several organizations and haven't yet fought each other?
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