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I have a soft spot for sports movies, and I loved watching this one the whole way through. You can't go wrong with the (true) story of a boxer struggling to choose between family who's dysfunctional and those who can probably take him to the top of the boxing world. Mark Wahlberg is great as the conflicted boxer who's starting to tire of his drug addicted brother who trains him, when he shows up to do so and his mother manager. His new girlfriend, his father, and others want him to go in a new direction. The entire cast was great in portraying the people in and around this boxer's life: his family - including his oh-so-many sisters, his girlfriend, his manager, but everybody - including Mark Wahlberg - take a backseat to Christian Bale as the former boxer turned drug addicted trainer/brother to the title character. I think the movie is more about the relationship between the two brothers than it is to the Fighter's rise to the top. The relationship drives the movie more than anything else and it is because of Bale's awesome performance and Wahlberg's turn as the title character. The boxing matches are fun to watch and cheer for, particularly at the end, and there was even a nice little girl brawl scene that had the awesomely beautifuly Amy Adams show what she's made of. This is a great boxing movie propelled by great performances.

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