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You guys are funny. Somebody disagree's with the majority and they are called a "troll". I don't even know what that term means. I guess I don't spend enough time here.

Please tell me which fighters not in the UFC are considered top-flight and in their prime that could beat Cain, GSP, or Spider in 9 out of 10 fights. Please, do tell.

I say 9 out of ten because everybody has a chance to win any match in the MMA. Seriously though, please name these "top flight" fighters who could dominate the real competition located in the UFC?

They don't exist. If they did, the UFC would be paying them.

Fedor would have done well in the UFC. That is shown by how badly he dominated other promotions. But, IN MY OPINION he wouldn't have won nearly as much as he did if he had been fighting real competition.

I'll come back after Bader whoops up on Bones Jones. Feel free to talk about Fedor lovingly without someone trying to call you on it.

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