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Just watched Thin Red Line for the first time last night...and then watched it again tonight. Masterpiece.

The blu-ray is phenomenal as well, definitely one of the most gorgeous looking and sounding films I've seen.

Crossing my fingers that my other Criterion blind buy (Walkabout blu-ray) will be just as worthy.
I'm proud to say I finally got around to doing the same yesterday. I watched TTRL for the 1st time ever yesterday and I'm surprised by how much I got drawn into the film. For a near 3 hour war film the relies on visuals and narration, I got drawn into the film much more so than I had anticipated, such as never settling on one specific character and having the film work as an epic poem about Life, Love and War. I loved it from beginning to end and loved nearly every aspect of the film. What helped so much was that I got drawn into film's photography and just spent time admiring a number of the gorgeous shots. I can now see why so many people admire Malick's photography.

It's easy for me to say it's THE BEST Blu-Ray I own in regards Picture and Audio. The image looked akin to an IMAX or an HD Discovery Channel Nature Documentary. It was so crisp, pristine and perfectly lit without looking glossy, rough or plastic. Ditto on the Audio, ESPECIALLY during the War scenes. We have a 5.1 Surround Sound system in our home here and the thing was blasting perfectly without sounding mangled during the war scenes. From the other Blu-Rays I own, I'd say only the Blu-Ray Editions of Watchmen, 2001 and maybe The Thing can compare to TTRL's Blu-Ray.

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