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The Social Network

The Social Network is the fictional telling of an elitist, arrogant nerd that betrays his friends (What few he has) and the people around him by stealing their idea's and becoming a billionaire by creating the website that we all know as Facebook.

The reception to this film is that it's one of the great movies of the last 10 years... Some even said it approaches the level of All The President's Men or even The Godfather. I can't quite give it that level of praise. Even though it's a solidly written movie and Fincher gives the film solid direction, I'm not sure long term wise this film will be relevant enough to look back on like we do the Watergate Scandal even today.

Yes, it sums up a lot of the young people of the 2000-present, but is that enough to award it a great film? Not in my opinion. Very few of the scenes actually standout to me as scenes of great cinematic impact. I think the characters largely are so annoying and unlikeable that it robs the film of any emotional content. Not that I'm asking for a sentimental film, but even the best friend is annoying and largely is to blame for what happens to him in the film.

I have to wonder if David Fincher was a director for hire on this one. He has made it clear that he is not happy about all the acclaim this movie has got in comparison to Zodiac (which he seems as the better film) and maybe he is upset because this wasn't *HIS* movie while Zodiac feels like a personal film. Just the same, it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's well directed, the acting is good enough for what it is, and it is meaningful to the younger generation and it is watchable enough for everyone else. It's a good achievement, but it's not a GREAT film.

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