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Not to abondon this rant, but there isn't an FYE around me, so that it isn't an option. It's good know, though, that FYE may have took over what Suncoast did so well.

Part of me will always miss the Suncoast days, but I think talking about it in this thread may have helped a little bit. They were simpler times, and we all have our simpler times we miss. Maybe this is the turning point between material DVD's and "everything-on-line-so-we-can-become-lazy-as-a-society" after all.

Other than Best Buy, Target and a second hand store, there is a flee market with its own second hand store. I went there again the other day, saw that was nothing of interest there, and I'm glad. I got it out of my system for the time being. Maybe I'll find out over time that there really is less and less to find and see on DVD with fewer of these resources existing.

Just today, I got rid of a handful of my DVD's at the other second hand store, got $45 dollars in exchange, and cleared some space in my room. The fact that I was able to pick out 45 DVD's and not get too mixed up over keeping them is a good thing. I don't know if it's just me, but when you have so many movies, it can be tough to decide what movies to get rid of. Like being unsure if you'll ever see yourself watching one again. When some are sitting on the shelf for so long, you know it's time, but others are tougher to decide on. It felt good to get rid of 45 movies today. Now, I might be able to find shelf room for all of my movies! My room has slowly been turning into a DVD junk yard!

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