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Roth and the D will make big plays and come out victorious. Last year Ben threw for over 500 yards on this Packers D....
And how much did Aaron throw for? And besides, the defense is totally different than what they were last year. The fact that you'd base an argument on these teams from last year is laughable in itself.

But that's fine, you can go on saying how much you'll dominate, I don't care. Sure you guys could easily win, but you're ignorant or in denial if you don't think the Packers have just as good a chance.

And I don't think anybody thinks that Green Bay's linebackers as a group are better than the Steeler's. But you're really gonna say that Clay Matthews isn't a good player? And what does being established have to do with anything? I couldn't care less if Rodgers or the Packers have established anything, the only thing that matters is that they are in the Super Bowl right now.
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