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Then came Wolves, and all of a sudden Roland was dancing a commala and being some sort of elder statesman or whatever, looking nothing at all like the stone-cold badass we'd been introduced to. Then Mordred happened, and jesus christ what a load of horseshit. This whole time Marten was the yang to Roland's yin, he was the shadowy spooky boogeyman who lived backwards and traversed universes. Roland had a deep history with Marten, involving Roland's mother, his father, Susan, just about everything stretching back through his long life had had Marten looming in the shadows somewhere. They were destined to have a good old-fashioned showdown, a high-noon meeting between good and evil. And then poof, there's Mordred in part 6, who kills Marten. What? What the fuck? Talk about anticlimactic. Then he's subsequently killed himself in a truly unimpressive and not at all interesting or suspenseful manner, leaving us with the Crimson King, and holy shit what a suckfest. Roland just coaches some dumbass kid who's just been introduced into ERASING HIM. Goddamn.
I totally agree with you on all this. Great write-up.
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