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He will not get in on the first try, but maybe. Depends on how history thinks of him in a few years and who else is on the ballet. He did play and succeed while playing most of his career in the hardest division during the roid era. Has to count for something.

Plus, if Bert Blyleven gets in, so shoudl Mussina and Pettitte and Jack Morris for fucks sakes. Jack is Hall of Fame!
Agree on Mussina and definatley agree on Morris. Mussina's win total is really high 270 I believe so that has to count for something even if he didn't win a Cy Young award.

Morris a lot of writers are down on his overall ERA numbers and his supposed attitute during his career to reporters which some of them are on the balloting for the hall of fame. I think he belongs I just see it in about 7-8 years when no one starts getting in when no one votes on anybody that did steroids or is suppected or taking steroids or any PED
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