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Step Up Goes Ballet for Intellectuals

***spoiler alert***

I find this movie grossly overrated.

Aronofsky creates tension primarily by confusing the audience with audiovisual (special)effects. The plot itself is rather simple and reminds of other ballet films such as "The Red Shoes" (1948) or "Center Stage" (2000). The film further employs a range of weak cliches such as the dressing room cat fights, the womanizing French choreographer or the the careless, booze drinking, drug using, cheese burger eating antagonist who misleads the fragile, virginal main character.

If it weren't for the powerful music (which btw is exclusively by Tschaikowsky and therefore suggests itself, since the original ballet piece was written for his music) and the horrifying visual effects, we would be left with nothing but a story about a ballerina who ends up being crushed by a too challenging role, since all the other characters remain underdeveloped and one-dimensional.

Natalie Portman doubtlessly delivers a brilliant performance. But her character Nina eventually fails, even if she's applauded by the ballet audience, her peers and the choreographer ends up calling her 'my little princess', which couln't be cheesier. Fact is, she fell in the first act, which disqualifies her as a dancer. And more importantly, she was only able to deliver one performance, by shanking herself to probable death.

In the end, the audience remains confused but happy, because 90 percent of the world's movie critics and film industry lobbyists gave it an outstanding review and everyone opposed probably just didn't get it...

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