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It was such a life changing and exciting experience for all ( the Lotr production ) involved i genuinely don't see anybody not reprising their roles if given the chance.

I'm hoping Pj makes webisodes like he did with KK.
I have the same perspective. Anybody who remembers the LOTR special features would have trouble believing any of the major characters would refuse to reprise their roles. Although it's always possible that scheduling/contractual conflicts could get in the way despite the best of intentions.

How many of you that are really excited for this enjoyed the past two PJ flicks? I think opinions are pretty split about King Kong around here, but I get the impression that The Lovely Bones is mostly considered a misstep. Do you guys think The Hobbit films will be as good as LOTR, or at least better than his previous two attempts? And what implications do you think that might have on his career?

He might get shoehorned into the PG13 fantasy stuff but if the Hobbit makes a lot of money, which I expect it to do, he could get free reign on whatever personal project he wants to do. He strayed from his comfort zone with the LOTR trilogy and it was a massive success. I wouldn't mind seeing him do another horror/comedy in the vein of some of his earlier work now that he has some serious clout.
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