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Glad to hear not everyone thinks the sun rises and sets on The Social Network. I was beginning to think I was the only person on the planet that wasn't knocked out by this flick. To be honest, I thought it was pretentious and boring and my whole thought process while watching it was "who cares?". Jesse Eisenberg plays just an amped up more obnoxious version of the same guy he plays in every movie he's in and yet he is getting award nominations? There wasn't one likeable character in the whole movie for that matter and none of the acting when beyond competent. Each year we get a movie like this that gets all sorts of praise and awards and when you finally see it your like "really?" This is the "really?" film of 2010 for me.
The funny thing is that Fincher has reacted the same way. He is PO'ed that this movie has got more notice than Zodiac.
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