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The darkness described in The Social Network, it's attributed to Reznor justly. I said when bringing this all up initially that Fincher has good taste in music, but that doesn't mean he's an auteur. I could reedit The Social Network with the score to Kramer vs. Kramer and it would change the tone, and in general, I doubt most of the movies fans would become nonfans. Scorsese uses great music too, but that's not what makes him an auteur; that's a director doing their job.
I'm assuming this is directed at me. I never said once in my post that I think Fincher is an auteur. I was never arguing points for him being an auteur either. I was simply saying he does more than just show up and make the film look nice. And yes, Reznor deserves a ton of credit, but when Fincher watched the film before he hired Reznor, he knew exactly what it needed and he knew that Reznor would be the one who could capture the type of sound he was looking for. That doesn't make him an auteur, no, but it shows that he knew something was lacking in the initial cut and that he made a ballsy move to hire two composers who had never composed a film before. And while he does follow the scripts, there are, like Lyrick and I said, subtle changes or additions that he makes to ensure the best is brought out in the story. You can see some of this in the making-of featurette of The Social Network.

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