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I did. All of his films have a chilly outlook on humanity, and as Bourne said, he adds subtle touches to show this constant lack of ease. I haven't seen Panic Room or The Game in years, but all of Fight Club, Zodiac, Se7en and The Social Network have similar style and a hesitant view of a generation or a subculture and their own dark, haunting worlds. San Francisco 1970s, Boston early 2000s, the nameless dripping city in Se7en, the dank recesses of Fight Club. Mundane modern life, either in post-industrial crapholes or gentrified high-tech areas, is made to feel strange.
Your previous citing of "subtle changes" in the script doesn't prove that he's an auteur. Every director will make a subtle change in any script due to a number of reasons. The example you cited before was very vague, which is how I feel about the cases made that Fincher is an auteur.

Now with this, you're trying harder, but you're also giving him 100% credit for the themes and ideas in the scripts that he didn't write. Scripts that were conceived by another the writer. The best example of Fincher having a hand in really shaping the material has to be Zodiac. Zodiac is probably the one film he had the most artistic control over than his other work. It would probably be the only film that I would say is truly his, which is no surprise given how many times he brings that one up in interviews. You can tell he had a passion for it more than his other films, but I don't really see how Zodiac was about more than just the case. I don't see how it talks about the 70's. I hear Fincher mention it in interviews, but the film is so focused on the case that I don't see how he's ever trying to capture a generation or subculture in that movie. It's not like with Summer of Sam where Spike is doing exactly that by focusing more on the culture of the 70's in the Bronx juxtaposed with the Son of Sam murders.

I also challenge you on the idea that all of his films have a "chilly outlook on humanity." You can say this about Seven or Zodiac, but I don't really see it being true of Fight Club, the Game, Benjamin Button, Panic Room or even the Social Network. All of those films actually present the opposite case. That life may be dark but there's still optimism in those films. Fight Club's ending is actually pretty optimistic. A man overcomes his own insanity and finds love. Benjamin Button is all about "appreciating those precious moments." The whole film is about how amazing life is. Even Panic Room ends on an optimistic note as one of the criminals realizes that he's a good person and saves the victims from being killed. Even the Social Network went out of its way to say that Zuckerberg may have done bad things, but he's still not a terrible person. I see optimism in those stories more than a chilly outlook on humanity. Spielberg has a lot of dark scenes in his films, but I wouldn't say he has a chilly outlook on humanity.

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I'm assuming this is directed at me. I never said once in my post that I think Fincher is an auteur. I was never arguing points for him being an auteur either. I was simply saying he does more than just show up and make the film look nice.
I was a bit confused by your earlier posts. I thought you were making the case that he was an auteur. That's why I was specifically looking for examples that proved he was an auteur, but I didn't see any because you weren't trying to do that. Now it makes sense. I agree he's one of the top directors working today. I was only giving you a hard time because the examples I was seeing weren't really proving how it made him an auteur. In the context of him just being a good director, you'll get no argument from me. He's solid.

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Your post as a whole was terrific, but this particular paragraph sums up part of what I was trying to say. I do think that some people (not necessarily in this thread) think of Fincher as a lesser director simply because he doesn't write his own screenplays, doesn't have a singular voice and doesn't have full control over all aspects of the production.
Sorry if I gave that impression. I dig his movies. Like I said, I really enjoy Seven, Fight Club, the Game and Zodiac a great deal. I never meant to discuss the quality of his films as I enjoy quite a few of them. I just wanted to shed light on why I don't see Fincher as an auteur.

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There has only ever been one proven auteur.
Reigh, your love for Michael Bay blinds you.

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