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Seriously... You're NOT being forced to go see the re-releases (again, I know) - I'm gonna go, millions of others will go. Hell - people that are bitching about the re-releases will go... But you don't have to. This is the same whining and moaning that happened with the first (and second ) DvD releases of the OT... It's also the same whining and moaning that happens when a new Star Wars product is released. I'm shocked that this doesn't happen with the Clone Wars TV series.

Oh, and George Lucas "milking" the franchise? IF you came up with something that was THAT successful (so successful that it's been around for 33 years) and you made hundreds of millions of dollars off of it... tell me you wouldn't do the same. Here's the thing - People are still paying for all of the Star Wars stuff that comes out, there's still a demand for new product, and until there's NO profit there will continue to be Star Wars re-releases, toys, cartoons, everything else, etc. So yeah... George Lucas deserves the right to "milk" Star Wars. It's his. He created it. You didn't. So stop acting like George Lucas walked into your home, had sex with your mother, stole your wallet and then kicked your dog in the balls. You choose to pay, it's not ol' George's fault.

This is just my opinion.
And an accurate one. Skip it if you want, people. But it is Lucas's franchise. He can do with it as he likes.
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