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Nolan always intended The Joker to be in Batman 3, that doesn't mean the best decision would be to create a CGI Ledger, or to recast a different actor and use technology to insert him into The Dark Knight for continuity.
Completely irrelevant. There's a difference between recasting and replacing an actor that was always meant to be replaced. Would you really have preferred to have Jabba a human in A New Hope and a giant slug in Jedi? Would that have made sense? Again, the intent was always to have the actor removed and replaced with a strange creature, even before Lucas knew Jabba was a slug.

This isn't a scenario where a studio butchered a director's vision and a Director's Cut benefits the artist and the audience. This is about a man playing with his toys(CGI technology) and trying to fix something that aint broken. How do Irvin Kershner and Richard Marquand feel about the changes made to Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi? Many audience members aren't happy with them, and you being okay with the changes doesn't necessarily make them wrong.
You think it's not broke. Lucas was never happy with the end result of the visual effects in Star Wars. As far as Kersh and Marquand, Kersh was for the changes. He had wanted to see more of the Wampa creature and wanted Cloud City to be more open than it ended up being. Other changes, ie adding McDiarmid as the Emperor, were done for continuity's sake.

Marquand is dead, so Lucas couldn't very well attain his "permission." Though the rumor mill is strong that Lucas was the true director of Jedi, and was directly responsible for everyone's favorite scenes in the movie--the throne room scenes.

I'm not saying copies of the prequels and Special Editions need to be burned. I just feel that fans should be able to see the films as they originally enjoyed them, and I don't think that's an unreasonable request.
You're talking to someone who enjoyed the films prior to the Special Editions. I grew up loving the original trilogy as they were. But if I never see them again (unlikely since I do have the unaltered's on the DVDs Lucas was kind enough to deliver), I'll be more than content to watch my Special Editions.

After 14 years it is simply time for people to get over it.
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