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Completely relevant. We're discussing the simple concept of directors going back and making changes to a released film because of obstacles during filmmaking. Lucas wanted Jabba to be a non-human(but apparently wasn't sure if he wanted a furry creature or a giant slug yet). Okay, so he casts a human, 6 years later makes a giant slug puppet to represent the same character, then 15 years later uses a CGI slug to replace the human actor. Nolan wanted to use The Joker but the actor that played him died, so his decision was to take the sequel in a different direction and write the character out. Which was more respectful to the actor who helped create the character?
Again, it's not completely all. I don't know why you're sticking with an argument pertaining to a film that has yet to be made in the Dark Knight Returns with a film that was made in 1977. Lucas cast a human as a STAND IN. To be replaced later. Heath Ledger was never meant to be replaced. He is a character that can be easily written out. Jabba was hiring bounty hunters all over the galaxy--his character was going to return in the third film. A human playing Jabba, again as a STAND IN, and jumping over to slug form isn't just a continuity error. It's completely inane.

Yes I am absolutely fine with continuity errors such as this. When Rachael Dawes was played by a different actor in The Dark Knight, I was not distracted. I'm more distracted by (already)dated CGI effects looking out of place in a 1970s production.
Go back and watch those films in their unaltered state. The Death Star trench unaltered is totally dated, at least in my opinion. As far as the CG effects, Lucas did touch them up in the 2004 releases. Jabba in the '97 special edition admittedly wasn't great (though it was good for '97), but looks much better in the 2004 edition.

That's right. I prefer the original trilogy, I was completely happy with it. I'm not a big fan of CGI, and I don't think it's right for one man to go back and change movies that an entire staff of people worked on. I understand why Lucas might want to make changes and be so protective, but I'm really flabbergasted by your attitude.

How does it affect you if I can watch the original trilogy on BluRay? I don't begrudge you for preferring the Special Editions, but it seems like I'm completely wrong for disagreeing with Lucas on the direction of the Special Editions. I must admit I'm quite disappointed in the attitudes of my fellow Star Wars fans.

If it seems like I'm trying to make it sound like you're in the wrong for preferring the originals, I apologize. I sincerely don't mean to sound like you're a jerk for not liking Lucas' decision (or me to look like a jerk, either). All I'm saying, from my point of view, is that Lucas as the artist, as the creator of this universe, as the auteur, should have the right to either change the films and make them look as he intended them to look as well as provide only those versions.

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