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Again, it's not completely all. I don't know why you're sticking with an argument pertaining to a film that has yet to be made in the Dark Knight Returns with a film that was made in 1977. Lucas cast a human as a STAND IN. To be replaced later. Heath Ledger was never meant to be replaced. He is a character that can be easily written out. Jabba was hiring bounty hunters all over the galaxy--his character was going to return in the third film. A human playing Jabba, again as a STAND IN, and jumping over to slug form isn't just a continuity error. It's completely inane.
I have a very hard time believing that Lucas went through the trouble of hiring an actor to play Jabba with the intention of going back and replacing him years down the road. If they wanted him to be an alien(perhaps furry like Chewbacca) why not do that then? They had the Wookie suit already in the original Star Wars, there's no reason not to use something similar. If you ask me he only came up with the idea to replace the original Jabba actor when he realized technology was almost advanced enough to do so.

The reason I'm talking about The Dark Knight is because I wanted to bring up a film that's more relevant to the JoBlo community. Most of the people in this thread are closer to my age(like bourahioro) and weren't alive when Star Wars was originally released. I wanted to bring up a hypothetical scenario involving a film that we saw for the first time in the theater and consider it to be near-perfect. The Dark Knight is NOT perfect, but most of us are happy with it just the way it is. Just like the original fans of Star Wars who obsessed over in earlier decades.

Replacing Ledger would be sacrilege to TDK fans, and while his role is obviously a lot more significant than Jabba the Hut, I just don't buy that Lucas would cast and pay an actor to appear in his film as a stand in. That's not how filmmaking works.

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Go back and watch those films in their unaltered state. The Death Star trench unaltered is totally dated, at least in my opinion. As far as the CG effects, Lucas did touch them up in the 2004 releases. Jabba in the '97 special edition admittedly wasn't great (though it was good for '97), but looks much better in the 2004 edition.
I'd love to, where can I find the BluRay?

I'm okay with aspects of the original trilogy being dated. The bottom line is that I prefer practical effects, dated or not, to CGI. I prefer puppet Yoda to CGI Yoda, it's got a physical presence that CGI just can't match. CGI that is dated in less than 10 years is pretty sad, especially coming from a powerhouse like ILM. How much time did Lucas spend rendering those effects if he already had to update them in 2004? I think the answer is that this is more about making money that finally completing Lucas' vision.

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If it seems like I'm trying to make it sound like you're in the wrong for preferring the originals, I apologize. I sincerely don't mean to sound like you're a jerk for not liking Lucas' decision (or me to look like a jerk, either). All I'm saying, from my point of view, is that Lucas as the artist, as the creator of this universe, as the auteur, should have the right to either change the films and make them look as he intended them to look as well as provide only those versions.
It's cool man, there has been a lot of hyperbole on both sides of the debate. The Lucas defense should probably try to empathize a bit more with other fans, and the purists should probably lighten the hell up a bit.

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Nah... I didn't ignore your argument, I merely countered with a different one.

As far as TDK or TDKR goes, regardless of the changes (that don't yet exist, and likely won't) I would watch both... probably own both.

I've seen BOTH versions of the OT (At the drive in movie theater in its unaltered original state AND on VHS) I grew up with Star Wars as it was released... I would honestly watch either version.

As far as it goes... I'm not saying anyone's wrong for liking or disliking ANY version of ANY film (Star Wars), What I'm saying is that people have options - these options are VHS or DVD. So if you want to watch the originals bad enough, seek them out and watch them - NO ONE is forcing people to buy or watch something they don't want to see... Not even George Lucas.
Fair enough, I shouldn't have said you ignored my argument, I should have politely asked you to answer the specific question about Ledger. I definitely agree with your last paragraph. Nobody is being forced to buy anything, and anybody that does buy a DVD/BluRay and then complains is an idiot.

I just think it'd be nice of the consumers had both versions as an option so they could decide for themselves. The VHS thing is bunk though, assuming you have a decent home theater, would you rather watch The Dark Knight on VHS, DVD, or BluRay?
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