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Two Worlds II is definitely underrated. I played it for the 360 and enjoyed it much more than the reviewers. It's a decent game for a port, though i can tell it plays much better on a PC. There were a handful of moments that actually had me and some friends laughing out loud, some intentional some not, still pretty enjoyable. The whole Last Crusade bit was funny and seeing the movie made it easier to get past that dungeon, haha..

Definitely worth playing if not just to hold you over till Skyrim, which is looking to be a great RPG, probably the best of the year. It's too bad there's no multiplayer this time around, it's the obvious next step for Bethesda. I just think it's a great idea because as someone who isn't that into MMO's, at least not any of the ones out right now, I actually want to play an Elderscrolls multiplayer game. I guess it doesn't necessarily have to be a massive multiplayer with thousands of players on one server, though an MMO of that calibre would be badass. I've played WOW and LOTRO and thought they were kinda boring, cause lets face their nothing but bigger versions of 6th generation games. I'd rather play Oblivion a hundred times through, but if Bethesda came out with an MMORPG Elderscrolls game or a simplified multiplayer, I would be all over it for moons!

All I know is my bandmates are going to be pissed when skyrim comes out, we'll all be too busy flying with dragons and hoarding dungeons to record anything. Hopefully, at the very least it will inspire some kickass jams.
There is just too much to the Elderscrolls to make them multiplayer i think. You could maybe do it on the console versions but just having the the Game Editor on the PC versions would make it impossible.

The could probably pull off a Diablo 2 type of multiplayer maybe. Up to 4 ppl in the same game and then you'd just have to make sure you had all the same mods maybe?

An MMO would never work as they would have to dumb down the graphics so more ppl could play it.
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