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This is a great thread!

Makes me feel a little less guilty about my green habit It's illegal in NZ other than for medicinal purposes, though it really shouldn't be, considering a large majority of people are smokers.
Thank you, sir, and I obviously whole-heartedly agree.

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Haven't smoked since March 20th and I hate it. I graduate college in May so for the same reasons Smiert quit earlier, I'll be looking for a real job and will need to pass a piss test. It's been hard in the fact that I refuse to get hooked on prescriptions so I'm back to drinking somewhat heavily to sleep at night. Before, one or two rips and I'd be out like a baby. Now, I'm looking at 4 or 5 really strong mixed drinks to do the trick almost every night of the week.

A prescrip sleep pill would be better but I'm scared that it will do its job and I'll feel I need them for the rest of my life.
Yeah, that blows But yeah, as far as pills, I recommend just good ol' Tylenol PM. You might develop a habit with it, but its not addictive or anythin', especially since you're just doing this for a couple months 'til you find a gig.
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