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Why? Why does he NEED to be in this film? From what I understand, Lex Luthor wasn't a ubiquitous character until the popularity of the Donner films. So really it was a Superman movie that started the trend of Luthor being everywhere, and a new Superman movie could change that trend.

After The Dark Knight we started seeing Joker's scars in the comic books, I'm sure we could see some changes in Superman canon if the new films are popular enough. Just because a character is completely overused in the comics doesn't mean the movies should do the same.
Because Lex isn't just one of Superman's villains, he is crucial to the Superman mythos. He very much an ever present character in Supes world. He's a billionare industrialist/philanthropist who later even becomes the President of the U.S. for a time. Lex doesn't have to have any actual interaction with Superman, but he has to appear in some sort of capacity, even if, considering this will probably be another origin story film, its just him reacting to Superman's arrival on the scene....

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You mean like this:

That run on action, starring Lex Luthor, was one of the best books DC published. A superman book, without superman in it, and starring the "villian". Very cool concept.
I expected you to recommend this book:

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