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I'm not sure if the new gameplay will work in the Resident Evil environment or not. I do think it's time for a change and for Resident Evil to take another lunge forward in terms of its combat and action, but I'm not sure if I want this game to play like Socom or like a third-person Rainbow Six Vegas.

I'm still interested, but the gameplay is what has me worried above all else.
Well these days i like to think of it as just playing in the game universe i enjoy. I would probably play any game, at least at first, set in the RE universe cause i enjoy it so much. Whether the game is good or not is still based on each's own merits but still could be fun just cause of the setting.

This is one of the reasons i can't wait for Star Wars: Old Republic to come out. I do agree that MMO's are the devil in terms of how many hours of your life they can suck up (im a recovering WoW player ) but the idea of an MMO set in the Knights of the Old Republic era is too much for me to pass up.

It's looking though that this is going to be more of a multiplayer title so the idea of making it more like a regular shooter will probably help it. The RE5 multiplayer was a bit annoying having to stop then take aim then shoot. Buts more of a multiplayer gripe.
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