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"One day I woke up in Miami."

Can't see the pics, LiS. It sounds like you had a blast. How many shows were you able to hit? Minus one year, I'd always make it down for at least a couple days back when I lived in the area. I haven't been since '04. My first speeding ticket was actually coming back from WMC, getting hit right at the last overpass before Alligator Alley. I kicked myself the entire ride home over that one.

You have a lot of good stuff here, and cool to hear about your trip. I hope you were able to get a good 30-36 hours of sleep afterwards.
With the exception of Pendulum I mainly stuck to the trance shows. I really don't like naything Tiesto did after 2000 or so, so I skipped him. Avicii, David Guetta, AVB, ATB, Sander Van Doom, Ferry Corsten and co were all fucking great.

I went with my girlfriend, and there were a few really weird moments. one including a former member of my World of Warcraft Arena team with whom I played a couple of tournaments texting me and telling me he was there and meeting up for a drink with him. This required my old lady to find out I was once a bigger nerd than I am now.
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